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Golden hooded tanager, more vibrant colors than ever. By Omar Chaves

A Golden Hooded Tanager is already a beautiful and colorful bird, but its attributes can be magnified in particular situations. We leave you with Omar Cháves’ own story of how he got this sensational photo.






I was back at Guarumo Lodge. That time, I had just finished a productive tour guiding tourists at the Cope Bird Observatory. I remember that I decided to keep taking photos for a while. While “birding” through the gardens of the lodge, I managed to see that in front of some dried Guarumo (Cecropia) leaves, a Golden Hooded Tanager (Tangara larvata) was “perched.” This beautiful painting only lasted a few seconds, as the bird quickly took flight. However, for my luck, I managed to shoot my camera and keep forever with that magical moment.


“This beautiful painting only lasted a few seconds, as the bird quickly took flight”









Omar is a lover of wildlife photography. For more than 20 years, he has led tourism groups. For him is not only a job, but it also represents the opportunity to live from his passion but also allows him to connect with people with whom he shares the same passion.

You can follow  his work on Facebook or  Instagram






This beautiful bird lives in tropical lowlands between southern Mexico and Ecuador. In Costa Rica, in both slopes up to heights of 1500m. Usually travels in pairs or small groups. The differences between the sexes are few. Blue and black with a yellow hood predominate.



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