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They look like right out from Star Wars👽, but it’s extreme macro-photography of insects.

Marco Retana is the Costarrican photographer behind this sensational “macro portraits.” He shares them with Pura Inspiration, generally, from species he finds in his own home.


Also known as Macro Extreme or Macro Photography, this specialized technique allows us to unearth a world such as or even more beautiful than the one we see every day

As Retana himself tells us, to obtain extreme macro photography is necessary to use a technique called  “Focus Stacking”. It consists of taking several shots, each one focused on different planes to get a final composed image entirely on focus.

With no further words, let’s enjoy this hallucinating trip to the closest micro world.


A nice jumping spyder (familia Salticidae)


Face to face with a Longhorn Beetle.


Probably the most encouraging aspect for any enemy is the fact that there is a small chance that this ant is alone.



Marco, between bellows cameras and coupling rings. Extreme Macro photography is a discipline of high precision and lots of patience.

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