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“Feline´s Best Friend.” From Costa Rica, an inspiring story of a dog that chases wild animals … to protect them.

Humans and dogs had become a lethal and effective duo in one of the oldest activities; Hunting. Fortunately, the world changes and show us that these inseparable friends can also join forces to protect wildlife. In this case, working for the conservation of wild felines that inhabit Costa Rica and Central America.

Among the most damaging threats to these big cats is the loss and fragmentation of their habitats. This issue has shrunk their population and every day makes them more vulnerable.

The work of Stephannnie Arroyo and her dog “Tigre” consist of recollecting feces, take them to a laboratory to get data that provides information such as routes, lineage and even diet. All of this with the objective to create better and more efficient conservation strategies.

This project is a joint effort next to the NGOs Panthera and Dogs For Conservation.

A duo with a great goal, biologist and researcher Stephanie Arroyo and “Tigre” the dog..🐆❤️🐕


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