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The Children Who helped save an Enchanted Forest

Pura Inspiration dived into the clouds of Monteverde, and picked up a wonderful story that show us that nothing is impossible.🌟

The Children’s Eternal Forest is nestled in a biodiversity-rich zone and unique on a global scale, thanks to the number of ecosystems concentrated in such a small area.In the ’80s, agricultural development and wildfires were dragging this forest and its species to destruction. On that context and a year away from the creation of The Monteverde Conservation League (MCL), is where the story of Roland and his little comrades unfolds.

Today MCL is in charge of giving support to this beautiful park, continue the titanic protection labor and educating local communities.

The Children’s Eternal Forest will remain forever as a monument to conservation, build by a group of children from the ’80s to all the children of the future.



The Monteverde Conservation League (MCL), Rob Low

Rob Low was one the founders of The Monteverde Conservation League. He kindly welcomed us in the park to tell us the details of this beautiful story. Watch Video here.

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