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Pura Inspiration was born to spread from Costa Rica with inspiring energy to as many people as possible. We believe that the more people share this energy, the better things can come. Pura Inspiration is made of spirit, creativity and seeing biodiversity as a source of prosperity.

A spirit that’s worth sharing.

“Pura Vida” is a phrase that Ticos frequently use and it expresses simplicity, humility, well being, joy, satisfaction, and happiness, all at once. Pura Vida also represents the exuberant nature that this small country has. In only 51.100 km2 Costa Rica harbors 6,5% of the earth’s biodiversity. This phrase wraps up a whole set of feelings, attitudes and natural conditions that Costa Ricans consider vital factors when it’s about celebrating life.

Issues that call us in search of solutions.

This way of living and appreciating life is not free from threats. Costa Rica faces problems from under development, globalization and climate change. We decided to see these problems as challenges, and in that way, we turn them into a source of inspiration and solutions focused energy.

Ideas, our only and mighty weapon.

Ideas are in the DNA of Costa Rica. Ideas such as reversing brutal deforestation suffered by the forests in the last century through an innovative model of financial compensation. Or else to abolish the armed forces redirecting those resources towards social and environmental investment. Today more than ever, Costa Rica needs those ideas to solve its challenges and take advantage of the opportunities that are just around the corner. Advancing towards a value-added economy capable of capitalizing on our strengths sustainably.

A long way after leaving Chile for the first time and living unforgettable years in Ecuador. After a lifetime making strategies and creativity for brands in different places. After falling in love with Costa Rica, with its nature, its people and its history. Even after seeing my daughter born here. After these “few” things, a simple question arose: what was I doing in Costa Rica almost when I reached my fifties? Instead of finding an answer, I found to queries, and not a few of them:
Is there any special relationship between this country and ideas?
What kind of ideas can we export?
How can creativity add value to triple impact solutions?
Does Costa Rica have a global role?
What is the value of biodiversity for this country?
It would be pretentious and false to claim that behind this project are all the answers for these questions. They are definitely not here.
All can say is that these are the kind of questions that inspire us.
Welcome to Pura Inspiration.

Manuel Travisany

Founder and Content Director


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