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From Peninsula Osa, White-Lipped Peccary by Dennis A. Valverde. Intimate encounter with the fear..


Intimate encounter in black and white




After two hours of traveling and admiring magical landscapes, I arrived at Sirena Station. I quickly got rid of all the burden I would not need to enter that beautiful rainforest. They gave me the data, that a passel of about forty “Chanchos de Monte” or White-Lipped Peccary, walked through the area. They can smell intruders tens of meters away. So when I could reach them, they were already waiting for me, and they seemed to prove it by grinding their teeth. While there, some of them raised their heads and began to approach. I tried to have a tree nearby in case they wanted to attack me. At that moment, the stories I listened in my childhood passed through my head and they talked about the ferocity of these animals. After about twenty minutes near the group, I understood in them that there was a natural curiosity in them and that they had confirmed that my intention was not to harm them. In the end, I was there for almost two hours so that you can take all kinds of photos.


“However, my favorite was this one, in which I felt a straightforward connection through the eyes of the animal”


However, my favorite was this one, in which I felt a straightforward connection through the eyes of the animal. There was also a mixed light, which usually makes taking a good photo more complex. However, in this case, that light offered mea magical moment that allowed me to highlight the animal with great subtlety. Without a doubt, it was an unforgettable day, in which I could experience a lot of peace, in a place full of life and nature.








Dennis Atencio Valverde is a photographer and naturalist guide. He was born in the Osa Peninsula. Since childhood, his grandparents taught him to work the land, but respecting and loving the environment. However, it was not until adulthood, while volunteering in sustainable tourism in Sweden, when he realized what his thing was. Then he decided to return to his country and dedicate his life to the environment. Today he distributes his time, working for the Hotel Bahía Cocodrilo, where he is a guide and professor of natural photography, and offering photographic services in his own company; Osa Photography.

You can follow Dennis through the Osa Photography Instagram profile.



White-lipped Peccary (Tayassu pecari)

This is a terrestrial mammal, which can travel in flocks of 50 to 300 individuals — initially distributed throughout the country. Today confined to desolate areas of primary forests.

The white-Lipped peccary lives to be around 13 years old and can give birth to two young at a time. The head and body length ranges from 90–139 cm, the shoulder height is between 40 and 60 cm, the tail length is from 3–6 cm, and the adult weight is 25–40 kg.



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