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A howler´s monkey big jump. Photo by A. Sánchez.

It will always be difficult to accept our limitations — either the personal ones, or the ones we have as a species. Humans have been very well endowed in some aspects, while we have been disadvantaged in others. This is evident when we admire the agility of primates. In this case, the imposing jump of a Congo monkey, or Mantled Howler monkey (Alouatta palliata). Then we leave you with the story of the Costa Rican photographer Alexander Sánchez about and their beautiful meeting.







The plan was to go whale watching; however, the bad weather forced us to suspend the trip. Fortunately, we stayed next to the Marino Ballena National Park in a Lodge that conserved a good rainforest portion. It was then that with my wife, we ​​decided to go hiking. Of course, I always have my camera ready.



“It was then that with my wife, we ​​decided to go hiking. Of course, I always have my camera ready.”



After walking for a while, we came across a troop of Congo monkeys (Alouatta palliata). I think because of the rain, they were very calm. We were observing them for a while until suddenly, they began to move. The alpha male, the one in the photo, took the initiative by jumping, which luckily I could capture.









Alexander Sánchez is a businessman, and a large part of his career has been related to the food industry, mainly to coffee production. As he tells us, the fact that he started a store specializing in adventure items more than 15 years ago changed his life. From constant contact with people dedicated to outdoor activities, he became a fisherman, kayaker, and photographer. Concerning photography, he is self-taught. He has only been with his camera for three years.





The Howler monkey (Alouatta palliata) that lives from Mexico to Ecuador is stout, measuring 70 to 140 centimeters and weighing between 3.6 and 7 kilos. It owes its name, “howler,” to its ability to emit loud sounds amplified by the hyoid bone, a hole near the vocal cords. This primate that lives in groups of up to 40 members is a crucial seed disperser and germinator of the rainforest.

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